Protecting people's lives and livelihoods.

Prioritizing safety on every journey, for every type of fleet.

While transportation keeps the world moving, technology keeps it moving forward. Our companies are proud to provide these technologies. Whether it’s keeping our first responders safe and productive with emergency lights, warning systems, cameras and firefighting equipment, or keeping trailers and cargo safe and secure with LED trailer lighting, automated tire inflation systems, insulated bulkheads, and trailer telematics, we offer complete solutions that help keep people, assets and businesses safe, secure and productive.


We help keep people safe.

People have long relied on transportation to move people, cargo, and equipment. How can transportation be better at keeping people safe? It starts with vehicle technologies and solutions that make that vehicle operate more safely. We improve visibility for the operator by making the asset itself more visible with lights and sounds. We also use ergonomics to improve how operators and passengers use the vehicle, from smarter ladder rack designs that reduce risk of injury or fatigue to school bus roof hatches designed for young passengers to more easily disembark in an emergency. We work to protect those near the vehicle while in operation, like our tarping solutions to prevent bulk materials like gravel from leaving a dump truck bed or our perimeter warning systems that warn pedestrians with sound as the vehicle is approaching.


We help ensure assets are secure.

With smarter digital technologies, vehicles and unpowered assets can be monitored remotely to ensure they remain in their location, while geofencing can be configured to alert owners if their asset is out of its permitted area. With cargo, sensors installed on doors and in cargo bays can alert fleets if someone attempted to access trailer cargo without authorization, or if that cargo has been moved or gone missing.


We help make companies more efficient and productive.

Sometimes safety comes in the form of protecting our livelihoods. If you manage a fleet, we help your improve efficiency and productivity. Our tire pressure monitoring and automated tire inflation systems not only improve fuel efficiency – proper tire inflation can improve fuel economy by as much as 30% — but also reduce tire wear and blowout conditions, keeping you on the road and making money. We also help improve vehicle uptime, like our fuel/water separator design that reduces costly and premature filter changes. Now, if you are a first responder, we have products that make you more productive as well. From firefighting equipment and control systems to body cameras and license plate recognition technology for law enforcement, our solutions help make it easier for our front lines to protect us.


We help make the world better every day.

The responsibility that comes from leadership is something we take quite seriously. Its why we launched Hope Shines Bright in 2021 as a corporate initiative that supports those in need in the communities in which we operate. From raising funds to support victims of hurricanes and other natural disasters to supporting Ukrainian refugees facing their biggest time of need, Hope Shines Bright provided a benefit that’s not much different than lighting – bringing light to the darkness.

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