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We understand that the quality of our product is only as good as the quality of the materials we use. We appreciate your interest in supporting and providing products or services to the Clarience Technologies family of brands.

We are committed to providing all qualified suppliers with an equal opportunity to participate in our competitive sourcing process. We are actively searching the globe for suppliers who are entrepreneurial, use existing resources in new and creative ways and add tangible value to meet the regional and international needs of our brands.

To become a new supplier of products to the Clarience Technologies family of brands you’ll need to be more efficient, more flexible, provide access to new technology and experiences, and add greater value to our supply chain as compared to our current sources. We value suppliers that share our commitment to innovation, quality and excellence. We are looking for partners that deliver value through creative solutions, best-in-class practices and sound business principles. Suppliers should actively contribute to the economic performance of Clarience Technologies through technology improvements and sharing of cost savings opportunities.

Clarience Technologies is evolving, creating many opportunities for suppliers to participate in our growth plan for sustained competitive advantage. We are building our brands and expanding into new geographic areas. We welcome the opportunity to listen closely to what you can offer to help us grow!

Clarience Technologies Supplier Quick Links

We want to make your process in becoming a Clarience Technologies supplier as easy and painless as possible. Below you can find the documents needed to help make that happen. Brand specific Terms and Conditions can be found on each brand’s website.

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Code of Ethics & Business Conduct


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Whistleblower Policy


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Supplier Terms and Conditions


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Conflict Minerals Policy


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Supplier Product Certification Report Template


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Supplier Profile Form


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Due Care Continued Conformance Testing Overview for Suppliers


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