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Meet the company that’s built for the future of transportation.

Our Mission is to provide Total Visibility to transportation through technologies that protect lives and livelihoods and keep transportation moving forward. From saving lives and protecting communities, to ensuring supply chain security and improving the productivity of businesses, our commitment to Total Visibility exists because we understand the broad magnitude of its potential.

Solutions you need from brands you trust. Delivered at the speed of technology.

Clarience Technologies was created in part to stay in front of the changing industry. By bringing together several companies with innovative technologies and trusted brands under one roof, Clarience Technologies created a company designed to operate, and innovate, faster – at the speed of technology.

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Our experience in transportation brings winning solutions for customers.

We know that lasting success is a team effort that starts at the top. So when we created Clarience Technologies in 2020, we built a team that thinks boldly, embodies an entrepreneurial spirit and is ready to put their expertise to work.

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Our Vision is to be a customer focused, solutions-oriented, sustainable and scalable organization that provides visionary technology for all transportation to create superior value for our customers, employees, shareholders and the communities that we serve.

Serving the Global Transportation Market

Today, Clarience Technologies companies take advantage of the global footprint of the broader team of companies to support to the growing number of global customers served.

Our trusted portfolio of brands gives Clarience Technologies a broad global market presence that helps ensure stability in its supply base and support customers all around the world.






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Our Global Capabilities

Our suite of vertically-integrated capabilities across our global footprint is helping to accelerate innovation.

Developing custom hardware helps us overcome the limitations of off-the-shelf solutions and achieve improved performance, efficiency, and reliability.

A crucial key to ensuring our products get to the market faster, with unbeatable quality while meeting all regulatory requirements.

Designing and assembling our circuit boards in-house, gives us the benefit of top to bottom control of every aspect, resulting in a faster turnaround time and reliable output without the hassle of a middle man.

Our teams and vendors stretch across the globe, making us less susceptible to common supply chain challenges and ready to troubleshoot at a moments notice to ensure speedy production and delivery.

We're committed to insourcing to better serve our customers. Whether it's rolling updates, day-to-day problem solving or custom development work to meet a specific customer need, we have the expertise at our fingertips.

We are consciously aware of the importance of keeping costs down and quality high, adopting automated processes and production where possible plays a key role.

Any year, make, model a customer has in their fleet, we have the right application to meet their needs. If we don't yet make it, we have the tools and expertise to deliver on-demand without excessive delays.

Our goal is to achieve as minimal lead times as possible with as minimal defects and waste as possible, having in-house molding production keeps our cost down allowing us to pass that savings on to our customers.

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Sharing a Passion for Leadership to Help Advance the Industry.

Clarience Technologies believes that ideas can come from many places, that’s why we’ve embraced partnerships with those whose ideas and perspectives help propel our company forward. From our technology alliances with Wabash and Meritor, two respected names in transportation, to the strategic university collaborations we’ve forged to nurture innovation and research, our dedication to collaboration runs deep.

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