Vision for a safer tomorrow.

Helping protect lives and livelihoods with visibility and safety technologies for transportation.

We are Clarience Technologies.


When facing the unknown, don’t just look ahead. Be visionary.

As a leader in visibility and safety technologies for transportation, we offer a portfolio of solutions ranging from cameras and vision systems, to emergency warning systems and cargo protection equipment, and much more. Yet, it’s the products that started it all that continue to inspire us most. For decades, our lights have provided “visibility” to customers, making transportation safer. To us, they’ve also provided “vision” that has inspired us to never stop looking past the horizon, to embrace bold ambitions and imagine what’s possible. Today, we seek new ways for technology to help keep people, assets and businesses safe, secure and productive – all born from our vision for a safer tomorrow.

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We help protect what matters to you, no matter what you haul.

Safety has a different meaning to different customers. Ask a school bus transportation director and he will tell you that safety is about protecting students from the time they get onto the school bus until the time they get off. A frozen food distributor will tell you that safety means 100% assurance that their daily shipments remain at a constant temperature throughout the entire trip. Someone in waste management will tell you that safety means operating as efficiently possible while minimizing the impact to the environment. With solutions for nearly every segment of the global transportation market, Clarience Technologies is committed to advancing safety in a way that works for every customer, and every journey.

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What if you had the power to see everything?

We believe the key to advancing transportation is vision – literally. That’s why we pursue Total Visibility™ – because by helping our customers see everything, they will be prepared for anything. By integrating smart hardware technology that includes both sensors and other electronics components into Fus1on, our advanced digital IoT platform, we are able to create a connected ecosystem of technologies at work which provides a more complete view of any kind of fleet. This IoT-based approach powers Road Ready telematics today and will ultimately be the digital backbone that supports each of the Clarience Technologies brands.

See into the Future

Moving transportation forward.

We make the journey safer for all of us with visibility and safety technologies that protect lives and our livelihoods.

We help customers keep people safe.

We help assets and cargo remain secure.

We make companies more productive.

We make the world better every day.


CLEAR Principles are the cornerstone of our winning culture.

We are often reminded that the best technology companies are not built with technology alone. The best companies maintain a winning culture that foster innovation and growth. We established our CLEAR Principles – Curiosity, Leadership, Enthusiasm, Accountability and Respect – to establish consistent expectations for employees of Clarience Technologies and its team of companies.

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