We've Launched a Technology Alliance with Wabash Focused on Trailer Applications

Orlando, Florida (March 8, 2022) – Clarience Technologies and Wabash have launched a new technology alliance focused on trailer applications, including new advanced connectivity applications that will be essential as electric and autonomous vehicles come to market. As a first step, Road Ready advanced trailer telematics systems will become standard equipment on all Wabash dealer stock trailers.

Michigan-based Clarience Technologies is the parent company to Truck-Lite, the North American leader in LED lighting solutions for commercial transportation, as well as Road Ready advanced telematics, ECCO Safety Systems, DAVCO filtration solutions and several other technology brands. 

“Deep collaboration among the leaders in transportation will bring the bold ideas that shape tomorrow’s industry to life,” said Nada Jiddou, Clarience Technologies Executive Vice President and Road Ready General Manager. “Wabash has been an industry leader who understands how technology will shape the future of transportation, and we are thrilled to be working with them as we look to the future together.”

While Wabash has been an industry leader for decades, the company has recently sharpened its focus on delivering pragmatic solutions to move everything across the transportation ecosystem, from first to final mile.

“Collaborating with Clarience Technologies strengthens our vision of being the innovation leader of connected solutions in the transportation, logistics and distribution industries,” said Dustin Smith, Chief Strategy Officer, Wabash. “Their commitment to advanced connected technologies has not waivered throughout their product development. We believe that enabling our customers to succeed with smarter, data-based solutions is a key first step and an input to leveraging our advanced R&D ecosystem and focused customer centricity.”  

Road Ready Brings Factory-Installed Connectivity to Wabash

As part of this agreement, Road Ready advanced telematics hardware will be installed on all Wabash dealer stock units with customers receiving a 90-day trial subscription for Road Ready trailer telematics activated upon delivery.

Road Ready offers asset tracking capabilities for fleets at a variety of levels. Map View delivers simplified and detailed map views powered by Google Maps technology, while Asset/Trailer View allows customers to drill down to view an exact breadcrumb trail of one particular asset throughout its trip. Fleets can customize how often each fleet asset communicates its location status. Fleets can also set up custom landmarks to create geofences for established routes, triggering alerts to help fleets protect their assets and their customer’s cargo.

Road Ready is “advanced” trailer telematics because it goes well beyond asset tracking, delivering actionable insights to fleets from trailers in active operation. Insights are drawn from data generated from a variety of sensor types installed throughout the trailer, enabling fleets to have line of sight into everything from temperature, weight distribution, volumetric cargo capacity, rear door status and more.

A key differentiator of Road Ready is its LogIQTM  smart partner network, which combines smart data generated from a number of trailer components into one single data feed. This gives fleets a comprehensive view of trailer health conditions in one single view while avoiding the need to portal hop with multiple logins. Road Ready’s LogIQ smart partners include eleven of the leading names in transportation technology, including

- Right Weigh, Inc.
- Air-Weigh
- P.S.I.
- Hendrickson
- Continental
- ConMet Digital
- SAF Holland
- Stemco
- Hyundai Translead 
- Meritor

Fleets can access Road Ready through its FleetViz fleet management platform, a user-friendly platform that makes fleet data easy to understand and act upon. FleetViz is also mobile optimized so customers can access data virtually anywhere.

For the Wabash dealer body, this new alliance brings an industry-leading factory-installed smart trailer offering. Road Ready is the most comprehensive trailer connectivity solution on the market today, and Clarience Technologies has continued to make investments in the Road Ready business to ensure its solutions continue to be the best in the industry.

Connectivity Enables Electric, Autonomous Technologies

With electric and autonomous technologies set to transform commercial transportation in the next decade, a major enabler of these technologies is connectivity. Customers seek suppliers that are invested in today’s technologies, but also understand how their technology will evolve in the future. This alliance brings together two partners that share a common vision, and both partners intend to be leaders in the transportation industry well into the future.

Recently, Road Ready has invested resources to accelerate truck and trailer data integration. Last week Road Ready introduced two new features: cloud-based API integration to enable customers to view truck and trailer data in one single interface, and Virtual Tether to create a V2V data link between truck and trailer which enables communication to drivers regarding trailer health conditions.

Industry Leaders Join Forces to Accelerate the Pace of Change Adoption

Whether predictions about the future of the commercial transportation industry come in a few years or a few decades, technology will continue to play a more important role in transportation. Electric, autonomous and connected technologies are accelerating change in this industry faster than many thought possible and today’s leaders need to change, too, or else risk being left behind.

“Our collective success will require us to collaborate in ways we never have before,” said Jiddou. “Those who lead are investing in the right partners. With Wabash, I believe we’ve done just that.”

About Clarience Technologies

Clarience Technologies is a global transportation technology solutions provider serving vehicle manufacturers, aftermarket retailers, commercial fleets and consumers worldwide. Founded in 2020 and based in Southfield, Michigan, the company’s mission is to bring total visibility to transportation by delivering the technologies that keep the world moving forward—made possible by the nearly 3,000 employees who are guided by the company’s CLEAR Principles: Curiosity, Leadership, Enthusiasm, Accountability and Respect. Learn more at clariencetechnologies.com.

About Wabash

Wabash (NYSE: WNC) is the visionary leader of connected solutions for the transportation, logistics and distribution industries that is Changing How the World Reaches You™. Headquartered in Lafayette, Indiana, the company enables customers to thrive by providing insight into tomorrow and delivering pragmatic solutions today to move everything from first to final mile. Wabash designs, manufactures, and services a diverse range of products, including: dry freight and refrigerated trailers, flatbed trailers, tank trailers, dry and refrigerated truck bodies, structural composite panels and products, trailer aerodynamic solutions, and specialty food grade processing equipment. Learn more at www.onewabash.com.


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