Clarience Technologies Showcases Air Vue™ Wireless Vision System for Commercial Fleet Trailers

New Orleans, LA (March 5, 2024) - Clarience Technologies, a global leader in visibility and safety solutions for transportation, sees momentum building with commercial truck trailer cameras and believes Air VueTM, the wireless vision system for commercial truck trailers that came as part of the company’s acquisition of Safe Fleet last month, is a winning product that fits well with its other fleet safety technologies and helps advance its commitment to safety in commercial transportation. 

"With a line-up of visibility and safety technologies that’s unrivaled in the industry, Clarience Technologies has taken a major step forward to advance safety in transportation," said Mark Johnson, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Clarience Technologies. “We can envision what’s possible by bringing the Air VueTM wireless trailer vision system to our line-up of other commercial trailer safety technologies, and we remain committed to keep setting the pace of safety-related innovation in commercial trailers to help keep people, assets, and businesses safe, secure, and productive.”

The Rise of Trailer Camera Technology in Transportation
Cameras are beginning to play a more important role in commercial transportation safety, driven by significant advancements occurring in the underlying technology. While many companies in the industry have been developing new camera solutions in-house, Clarience Technologies has taken a different approach. Last month’s acquisition of Safe Fleet has placed Clarience Technologies in the driver’s seat when it comes to cameras and vision systems. Safe Fleet has already provided over 1.5 million video systems in North America spanning several industries and markets like school transportation, transit, law enforcement and commercial vehicles. With these technologies accelerating rapidly in commercial trucking, Clarience Technologies is now able to leverage Safe Fleet’s Air Vue™ system, which has been successfully implemented and is currently in pilot with more than twenty commercial fleets.

Air Vue™ is the First-to-Market Wireless Vision System for Trailers
Air Vue™ is the first-to-market complete system of wireless cameras for commercial trailers, comprised of an advanced monitor that can connect with up to four cameras. The rear camera establishes a wireless connection to a single hub mounted on the trailer. With the additional integration of side cameras, blind spots can be eliminated, and side swipes reduced. The system also has options for a forward-facing camera or additional rear camera on the tractor.

The powerful Air Vue™ transmitter can deliver an uninterrupted signal that’s strong enough to span triple trailers.  The system features button-less pairing so that drivers do not have to do anything different when tethering a trailer, making for seamless trailer switching.

Air Vue™ currently has integrations with telematics service providers Lytx, Netradyne and Samsara, and work is underway to make Road Ready its next integration.

First introduced in March 2023, Air Vue™ has been running units on scores of trailers from over 20 of the leading commercial fleets – a mix of national for-hire carriers and well-known private fleets.

Advancing our Mission to Bring Total Visibility for Transportation
With camera technologies now within its control, Clarience Technologies is ready to take the next step toward what they’ve called Total Visibility™. The idea is simple — by bringing together all its smart visibility technologies, including both sensors and other electronics components, into its Fus1on digital IoT fleet data platform, the company will be able to unlock the most complete view into any kind of fleet.

"We envision a digital safety ecosystem built from connecting a variety of smart technologies and solutions with software enabling data-driven insights and actions that improve safety outcomes and performance,” said Paul Sniegocki, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Clarience Technologies. “With the right pieces now in place, we are accelerating our research and development efforts including close collaboration with our customers and technology partners."

About Clarience Technologies:  Clarience Technologiesis a global leader of visibility and safety technologies for transportation. Born from a collection of premium brands each with a long track record of innovation, its solutions include vehicle lighting, camera and vision systems, telematics and safety solutions that protect our world and our livelihoods by keeping people, assets and businesses safe, secure and productive. Its team of companies includes Truck-Lite, DAVCO, Road Ready, RIGID, Lumitec, ECCO, Code 3, Fleetilla, LED Autolamps, Pressure Systems International and Safe Fleet. For more information, visit www.clariencetechnologies.com.


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