Behnke Inc. Equips Entire Fleet with Road Ready Advanced Telematics for Enhanced Asset Tracking and Efficiency

Southfield, Michigan (June 19, 2024) – Behnke Inc., a leading provider of transportation services in the Midwest, has recently partnered with Road Ready, the advanced telematics and digital fleet management solutions provider from Clarience Technologies, to equip its fleet with state-of-the-art tracking solutions. This strategic move underscores the commitment that Behnke Inc. has to leverage cutting-edge technology to optimize operations and enhance customer service.

With a fleet of several hundred trailers and plans to expand in the next two years, Behnke Inc. recognizes the importance of efficient asset tracking and management. The first installations in March were successful, marking a significant step toward digitizing their fleet operations.

“We selected Road Ready for its quality service, the innovative Fus1on™ platform, and their willingness to develop reporting solutions specific to our needs,” said Michaele Eperthener, Vice President of Operations at Behnke Inc. “This solution aligns perfectly with our goal of becoming more technology-driven and efficient in managing our fleet.”

Leveraging Customization for Operational Transparency and Efficiency

Behnke Inc. is especially interested in collaborating on the development of custom reporting, to reduce dwell and detention times, which will enable them to run their fleets more effectively and efficiently.

The Road Ready advanced telematics solution will support the operations of Behnke Inc. across the Midwest region, covering states such as Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky. The company expects to leverage Road Ready’s capabilities to optimize routes, better utilize trailer capacity, and improve overall fleet performance.

Behnke Inc. had not previously utilized telematics solutions before opting for Road Ready, demonstrating their commitment to embracing modern technologies to drive operational excellence and customer value.

“We look forward to helping Behnke Inc. improve operating efficiency and increase customer satisfaction,” said Dane Hollar, Senior Vice President of Sales for Road Ready. “Road Ready offers the industry’s most comprehensive set of integrated solutions designed to optimize fleet operations and drive efficiency.”

The Road Ready Difference

Road Ready’s approach to telematics is born from the right mix of industry knowledge and technical expertise across its entire team. As part of the Clarience Technologies family, Road Ready leverages the deep commercial vehicle experience of its sister companies, including Truck-Lite, DAVCO, P.S.I., and Safe Fleet. Road Ready leans upon this experience to gain a more complete understanding of fleet customers, which enables the brand to more quickly deliver solutions that best address common pain points of commercial fleets head on.

For more information, visit roadready.com.

About Road Ready  

Road Ready, a Clarience Technologies brand, is a vertically integrated advanced telematics and smart fleet solutions SaaS provider based in Southfield, Michigan. Road Ready offers custom telematics solutions to help fleets manage, optimize, and maximize their assets. Coupled with an expansive network of premier integration partners, customers can do more through a single interface, Road Ready continues to implement groundbreaking research and development to make impactful contributions to the transportation industry.  

About Clarience Technologies:  Clarience Technologiesis a global leader of visibility and safety technologies for transportation. Born from a collection of premium brands each with a long track record of innovation, its solutions include vehicle lighting, camera and vision systems, telematics and safety solutions that protect our world and our livelihoods by keeping people, assets and businesses safe, secure and productive. Its team of companies includes Truck-Lite, DAVCO, Road Ready, RIGID, Lumitec, ECCO, Code 3, Fleetilla, LED Autolamps, Pressure Systems International and Safe Fleet. For more information, visit www.clariencetechnologies.com.


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